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Jewellery Care From RMJ & WM

Jewellery Care

At Ratna Mani Jewellers, we believe a jewel represents the most precious moments of a person’s life. But over time, the luster of any jewel can wear off. By following some simple tips, your jewellery can be preserved for generations.
  • Remove your jewellery before bathing. Accumulated soap diminishes gold’s colour and lusture.
  • After wearing an ornament, wipe it gently with a cotton
    cloth dabbed with lukewarm water.
  • Avoid washing your jewellery in a wash basin. You might wash away small, loosely-set stones or parts of your ornament.
  • Gently use a toothbrush or any other soft object to remove visible dirt accumulations.
  • Chlorine can damage your ornaments. So remember to remove all your ornaments before going for a swim.
  • Makeup, hair spray and perfumes cause dullness and loss of colour. So always wear your ornaments last.
  • Keep your jewellery away from sharp objects. Also, remove them while doing physical activities or any other household chore.
  • Grease is harmful to jewellery. Remove it by gently rubbing the surface with alcohol.
  • Get your jewellery polished every six months. When you do, approach a jeweler you can trust. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Mannki Investments

Terms & Condition

1). Rate Of  Interest are Fixed @11% Per-annum.

2).There Will No Change in Investment Interest  Amount Or Rate.

3).If one wants to break  Investment before the term ends, the interest will be paid as per the rate applicable on the date of deposit for the period the amount was with the bank. It means  if the applicable rate of interest at the time of Mannki Investment account opening is 11%, you will only earn 11% interest per annum for your deposits, but not the original rate.

4).If  The  Money  Invested  Through  any  Media (Banks ,Cheques ) The Amount will be returned in Same Way.

5).Tenure of the investment Start from minimum 1 Year

6).Payment of your Investment is will settle in 7days

7).Any Disputes occurs will subject to Mumbai Or Vasai Jurisdiction.

8) Minimum Investment Amount Starts from Rs 10,000/-

9)  Signature In Every Document is Must.

10) You Have To Show A Nominee.

11) Original ID Proof Is Necessary while applying for  or Closing  Investment.

12) Interest will be given at the maturity of the investment. We will not give any kind of interest between the 
term of investment.

13) We are Not Able to Give any kind of Interest after the maturity period.

14) For Continuing The Investment Speak Us Freely...

15) Loan Provided on The Investment will be charged with 2% Interest Per Month.

16) 2%Interest Will Be deducted from Loan Amount for 1st Month.

17) This Aggreement guarantee Deposit of Money. Please Keep The documents Carefully..

Any Misbehave regards Aggreement is not Acceptable

How Its Work
1)    Interested people can Join Investment at any Time and there is No registration fees                              .
2)   To enrol in this  investment, Customer walk into RATNA MANI JEWELLERS store to avail this Beneficial Investment.
    We invest your investment in our Goals or customer goals as the needs appear. This Investment appear with good interest the quality & quantity of interest are not fixed but with good working of large no of investors we are inviting you to earn something better...
    Start with small investment for Trust Building & Self satisfaction.
   Since 2000 serving happiness to over 500+ Customer & Known by family Jeweller.
    Now Partnership With WEDDINGS MUMBAI (India). A Small brand A Manufacturing & Designing Unit of          
    Wedding Jewellery Serving With Wide range Of Products such as Meenakari Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, 
     Antique Jewellery, Customize Jewellery, Platinium Jewellery, Rose Gold Jewellery, Yellow & White Gold 
      Jewellery, Nakshi Jewellery, Polki Jewellery, Real Diamond Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Pearl Jewellery, 
     Bridal Jewellery & Much More Products . A Complete Hub Of Jewellery Design at Our Store.

Investment Amount    
Interest@11%  For 1Year
Total (After Maturity)
   1)   Interest On Every Investments
    2)   If You want to convert Your Investment Into Gold Jewellery & You will get Flat 50% Off On Making Charges On Yellow Gold Jewellery.
    3)   Get instant Loan On Your Investment With Nominal Interest Rate Of 2% Per month.
    4)   Bank Provide Interest Of 4-6% Annum With Saving Account & FD with  6.25 - 8.00%

Here In Mannki Flat 11% Interest Rate With Extreme Additional benefits

Additional Free Gifts On Maturity of Selected Terms on Minimum Investment Above INR50,000

After 6 Months
5Gms Silver Coin + Rs 500Voucher Coupun
After 1Year
10 Gms Silver Coin
After 18 Months
20Gms Silver Coin
After 2Years
Rs 2000 Voucher Coupun
After 3Years
1Gm 24KT Gold Coin
Additional benefit Upto
Rs 7750
T & c  Apply* (Coupun ,Coins(from 3rd Row) Available If the Investment Is Continusous above 2Years) { Carefully Read The Documents }
  Sign:-                                                      Customer ID:- ................................................  

                                                             Start Date:-.....................................................                                                                                                      
............................................................                            End Date :-....................................................

                                                                             “ Ghar Le Aaye Khusiya ”

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Unfolding new Arrivals in Special Festive Collection Welcome to Fresh Designer Creations of Gold ,Kundan ,Daimond ,Antique Silver & Platinium Jewellery

RMJ Now Certified & A Member of IBJA . Premium Quality Product. We Cover All Your Dreams in Small Showroom with Quality & Trust Since 2000 We are Building Customer Relationships too & Known by Family Jeweller Please Give A Feedback on Google it help us in Improving Our Service to You More better.

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sell Your Gold

Welcome To Ratna Mani Jewellers 
                    CASH FOR GOLD
A Wedding Jeweller Here we buy all types of Gold Jewellery
we Buy all your Valauable Jewellery at best price.

We Buy Scrap Gold & Get Real Value of all your Valauables Gold (Rose, Yellow & White), Silver Platinium, Real Daimond , Loose Diamond , Antiques Watches, Old Coins Etc

We Also Deal In BULLION Gold Bars & Coins in 999.e9 ,999 ,  995,  99, 916 ,750 etc
we also Buy Imported Gold ,Chain Of Dubai 24KT , Bars Casting & Daimond Jewellery.

Hassle Free Way of  Cash Turn Your Gold Into Cash Now!

  • Get instant Cash For Children Education & Fullfill there dreams.
  •  Turn Your Old Jewellery into Cash
  • Get Instant Cash
  • Get Real Value Of Your Jewellery
  • Best Price Gaurnteed
  • Get Instant Cash On Current Price Of Gold

For Best Dealings Contact Us 8879900973 / 9004197773 

Or Email Us by Clicking here :- Customer Support

For Buying New Brand Gold Jewellery Visit Us Here:- Website

Purity Of Gold
24KT :- 9999, 999 & 995
23KT :- 95.30
22KT :- 91.60
21KT :- 87.50
20KT :- 83.30
19KT :- 79.50
18KT :- 75.00
15KT :- 62.5
14KT :- 58.3
12KT :- 50.0
10KT :- 41.7
9KT :-   37.5
8KT :-   33.3
6KT :-   25.0

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Gold Investment

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RMJ Mannswarna Gold Scheme

The RMJ Mannswarna Gold Scheme is a gold booking scheme which entitles the individual to book grams of gold and redeem them against gold purchases. Under the scheme, the individual is required to make a deposit every month for 14 months, with the amount converted into gold grams based on the prevailing gold rate at the time of the deposit being made.
The total amount at the end of the 14 month period can then be used to buy jewellery against the value of a gram of gold at the time of purchase..

RMJ Mannswarna Gold Scheme Features:

The individual can save up for gold purchases by setting aside an amount each month.The individual can redeem the gold grams bought at  the scheme’s maturity as dependent on the prevailing gold rate.

RMJ Mannswarna Gold Scheme Benefits:

·         Individuals can save and have a corpus for a gold purchase in the future.
·         100% Making Charges Off On selected Item.
·         Individuals will be making deposits and the grams will be calculated on a monthly basis. If the price of gold rises at the time of redemption, the individual will have a larger corpus with which to make a purchase.

How it works

·         Interested people can join this scheme at any time and there are no registration fees.
·         To enroll in this scheme, customers can walk into  Ratna Mani Jewellers store or avail of the scheme.
·         The scheme has a Minimum tenure of 424 days and Maximam 848 days & must be closed by purchasing the ornament selected.
·         At the time of enrollment, customers will have to select a product, and choose the size, length and weight.
·         On the 10th of the month, Payment should be done.
·         After the confirmation, in case you do not take the selected product, you can walk into the Ratna Mani Jewellers  and buy any product at the price.
·         No making charges are applied.
·         The installment amount will range between Rs.500 and Rs.40,000 depending on the ornament selected.
·         The installments can be paid in cash, demand draft or cheque.
·         The scheme closed after paying the 14th installment.
·         You can visit the Ratna Mani Jewellers showroom within 20 days, pay any balance pending and collect the ornament.
·         For online Paymests, you will have to bear the charges.
·         You will also have to bear VAT tax and other taxes If Applicable.
·         Cash Cannot Be Return. You Have to buy Gold Ornaments only/ Selected Product.
·         For gold card {vouchers} holders, this scheme is not eligible for any points
·         Compulsary Tax Bill Should be taken
·         Post  Dated Cheques In Favour of Ratna Mani Jewellers
·         If  Encashed Via Jewellery Before Maturity Period Then 50%  Making Charges will Be Applicable
·         Jewellery selected can not transferable in Gold Coins & Bars

Documents Required

To enroll in the scheme, the customer must submit the following:
A copy of a photo ID. Accepted documents include:(any One)
·         PAN card
·         Aadhar Card
·         Passport
·         Driving Licence
The person who closes the scheme must be the same and must carry the original ID proof.
For those who need to purchase gold in the near future, for their daughter’s wedding or any other important event, this scheme is very helpful. Customers can contribute towards purchasing the item well in advance
Modes of Payment
Payment must be made before the 10th of each month.
The different modes of payment are listed below:
·         Cheque     
·         Demand Draft
·         Pay Online(Charges Applicable)
·         Net Banking /  Neft / IMPS
·         Cash
·         Patym / freecharge /Airtel Payments Bank
·         Debit / Credit Card (Charges Applicable)
Examples of Scheme Working
Current Rate
At Time of Maturity (14Months basis)
Total:-70000                NET:-24.300 

    A Flexiable Gold Booking Scheme to Protect you against changing Gold Rates

This scheme can also be done online Can you can redeem gold at time of maturity 
Feel Free to Connect with Us ...! Just Give a Misscall on 8879900973 /9004197773
or feel the form right hand side of Screen.........